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Established in 2004

Born Moving proudly services the Entire San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose Silicon Valley Region with nearly a decade of experience in the relocation industry. We are dedicated to providing exceptional moving services with very competitive rates!


Born Moving Mission Statement

At Born Moving, we feel that everyone deserves high quality and dependable moving & packing service at an affordable price!

I began moving furniture for an established moving company when I was 22 years old. I enjoyed the hard work and loved the customer interaction. My gratification enabled me to thrive at my position. Unfortunately, I often witnessed customers being overcharged and mistreated. It was not long before I decided to leave my job and seek a more suitable path.

Stuck between jobs, I started doing small scale moves. Shortly after, I realized I had a future in the moving business. The first thing on my list was to make certain that I didn’t make the same mistakes I had observed with other companies.

I believe that even the smallest moving & packing jobs deserve the same quality care as high paying jobs. Every customer deserves superior professionalism and the right to be treated respectfully. We make it our top priority to arrive promptly at the scheduled time and date and to only charge the agreed upon price – without tossing in extra fees at the end of the move.

We understand how dreadful it can be to put your trust in the hands of people you do not know. It is unfortunate that customers sometimes find themselves at the mercy of a moving company that may not care if their move goes well or as they had planned. Our sole mission comes from one story in particular…

My mother moved from California to Delaware due to a great job opportunity. After scheduling a company to transport her 1 bedroom apartment for $1,500, she packed up her belongings, stuck them in my Aunt’s garage and flew to Delaware. However, after she made arrangements with the moving company, they subcontracted the job to a different company. This was done without her knowledge or approval. Come to find out, this sort of thing happens pretty often and the customer is never aware. The other moving company showed up at my Aunt’s house, had a look in the garage and said: “This is not the amount of stuff we were told we were going to pick up. Also, we will need to re-wrap this stuff and re pack those boxes too.” My mom was forced into a position in which she had no way out. I talked to her shortly after and she was at her new job in Delaware, crying her eyes out and trying to figure out how she was going to borrow the new amount of $3,400! If the amount was not paid in full they would not deliver and it was too late to call another company.

Sadly, too many moving companies force their customers into a position of discomfort. We make a promise to every customer; you will never be deceived, you and your belongings will always be treated with respect and each customer will be treated in the same manner that we would want our own family to be treated.

Born Moving Founder
Duane Fagan

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