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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my move take?

Each move is quite different and the amount of time will depend on a few different things like … amount of items, flights of stairs, distance between our truck and your front door, amount of disassembling/reassembling needed and the number of our movers you choose to use. We do our very best to get you into your new place as quick as possible without damage.

What can I do to protect my furniture from damage during the move?

Nothing. We take care of it EVERYTHING! All of your furniture is wrapped with a thick padding to prevent any damages. Other measures are taken as well, such as covering floors and railings, padding door frames and removing doors if needed.

Am I going to be charged for furniture protection?

Certainly not. Furniture protection is part of doing it the right way. Blankets, stretch wrap, tape and any other precautionary measures are always included free of charge.

What if I’m on a budget and can only afford a certain number of hours?

Perfectly understandable. We have many customers working with a budget. We can adjust to your needs by giving you various options; We can discuss getting the bulk of your items and leave some for you and your friends, we can focus on heavier items and leave smaller things for you to take on your own, we can discuss a flat rate instead of hourly. Our #1 goal is that you are happy with your move. We want things to go as smooth as possible for you on your moving day.

Can I help?

We encourage help to a certain extent. We do not allow our movers to carry furniture with anyone not employed by our company for insurance reasons. We do not allow anyone other than our movers on the truck or truck ramp. We appreciate your help, but leave the heavy stuff to us , its why we’re here.

What if we want to pack our own stuff, do you sell boxes and packing material?

Yes, we do sell boxes and packing materials. Please call for pricing as our pricing may have changed.

Is there anything that we can do to be more prepared for our move?

Yes, we love to run each move like a well-oiled machine and the only thing that helps this is organization. Boxes are usually first to go on the truck. If possible try to have the boxes in one location. If we have to search for them it makes the process longer.
Try to have boxes labeled. When labeling boxes don’t label the top of the boxes always label sides so that when boxes are stacked or being carried more than one at a time the labels will still be visible. (use bold markers.. sticky notes will fall off) Try to have as many things boxed as possible. Small single items not in boxes are more likely to break. If you need boxes just let one of your movers know. Also the less furniture your movers need to disassemble and reassemble the less time they are on your clock.

My kids are excited about our move and would also like to help. Is there something they can do to help?

We love kids and are excited that they are excited. There are lots that kids can do to help out with prior to moving day like … help pack their room, label boxes, draw up floor plans for their new room.. etc. Keep in mind that on moving day there are plenty of danger areas , for example … under a moving dresser or on or around the truck ramp. Please keep an eye out for them because while your movers are carrying furniture they may not see them. Also children will sometimes see dollies as toys… unfortunately unlike skateboards, dollies are multi-directional and can quickly take them in a direction they do not mean to go. We want to keep moving day safe for everyone.

Do I need to empty my dresser drawers?

You may not need to empty your dresser drawers as long as your dresser is strong enough to be moved without breaking as the weight shifts. Furniture may be turned on it’s side or upside down when loading the truck. Also be aware that small items inside like coins and jewelry are at risk of going for quite a ride if the dresser is turned or flipped.

Can you move my plants?

Yes. We move all sorts of indoor and outdoor plants with expertise and care. We simply ask that you do not water them prior to being moved. This can cause a slippery and dangerous workplace not to mention a big mess in your home as well as on our truck.

Do I need to buy mattress covers?

No. We provide all furniture protection free of charge. Your mattresses as well as box springs will be wrapped in stretch wrap.

I no longer have the box for my flat screen TV. How do you care for it?

We either wrap with furniture padding and stretch wrap or make a custom box. Either way your TV will be last to go in the truck with the screen always facing the wall and nothing stacked on or around it. For a lot of people this is their pride and joy and we treat it as such.

We live in San Francisco and are on the 5th floor with no elevator! Do you charge extra for stairs?

LOL We should, but no. Our movers are very strong and can handle stairs, but maybe offer them something to drink

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